Groovin’ Up, young talents in the spotlight

Jun 20, 2022 | News-

More than one hundred bands from all over the world applied for the JazzAscona intiative «Groovin’ Up». A dozen bands from Switzerland, Europe and New Orleans were selected and invited to Ascona.

Groovin’ Up is an educational art project dedicated to young musicians between the ages of 18 and 25. The festival aims not only to give them the opportunity to perform on stage but also to nurture their talent and contribute to their artistic and professional development through videos, radio interviews, workshops, networking and, above all, exchanges with the many internationally renowned musicians represented at the festival.


The «Groovin’ Up» bands will perform for several days and in different situations. Interestingly, they will not be featured on a stage or area dedicated to them: they will have space and visibility on the main stages and at key moments of the festival, and be fully integrated in the program.


Participants may also attend a series of workshops, participate in jam sessions and play as guests of the many experienced musicians who will be in Ascona during the festival.

Groovin' up - Bands

The Bands:

Flo & Fauna (24 – 26.6) from Germany
Keyboards, electric bass, drums


Frische Fische (24 – 26.6) from Bern

Alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboards, bass, drums

Mareille Merck LARUS (25 – 27.6) from Lucerne
Guitar, bass, drums

Miss Bee & the Bullfrogs (26.6 – 2.7) from France

Vocals, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums

Red Cream (23.6 – 2.7) from Ticino and New Orleans

Saxophone, guitar, piano, bass, drums

Roberta Gentile (27 – 29.6) from Italy

Vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums

Trois Imaginaires (26 – 28.6) from Zurich

Guitar, bass, drums

Tulane BAM (23.6 – 2.7) from New Orleans

Vocals, violin, piano, bass, drums


Roots of Music (23.6 – 2.7) from New Orleans

Brass band