Jazz Off The Wall

What is Jazz Off The Wall?

To celebrate JazzAscona’s 40th edition the town is presenting an open-air street art exhibition entitled Jazz Off The Wall.
The project will feature as many as forty paste-ups created by artist Yuri Catania in the town’s square, as well as in its historic part.

The various works tell the story of JazzAscona and celebrate the bond that has united New Orleans and Ascona for four decades.

Where to see Jazz Off The Wall

The first artwork, inaugurated in March, was created on the facade of the library Biblioteca Popolare, while the remaining 39 will be created during springtime in characteristic places and to be discovered by walking through the streets of Ascona or following the map.

From June 22 until September 1, Jazz Off The Wall will also be featured at the Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna in the form of an interactive exhibition of art installations combining portraits, architectural elements, flowers, sounds and music. A deliberately unfinished work of street art will give the public an opportunity to finish it together with the artist.

Delve into Jazz Off The Wall

Thanks to augmented reality, each work of art comes to life by giving a multisensory experience: through the Artivive app, each installation reveals extra content to be discovered on your smartphone.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Artivive app (free)
    Logo App Arti Vive
  2. Scan the artwork
  3. Discover the artist’s message!

Jazz Off The Wall – Map

JazzAscona and Yuri Catania would like to thank photographers
Remy Steinegger, Stefano Mussio, Klaus Sommer and Alessio Pizzicannella
for their cooperation: some of their photographs will be integrated into the subjects of the Jazz Off The Wall murals.

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