JazzAscona 2022 “Sister Cities edition” embraces Ascona and New Orleans

JazzAscona 2022 Sister Cities New Orleans Ascona

The 38th edition will be the “Sister Cities Edition”, it will pay tribute to the official twinning agreement signed last September by the authorities of Ascona and the City of New Orleans. This edition will honor the Festival’s historical identity and will feature several interesting new elements.

Thanks to the Sister City agreement, a large delegation of New Orleans artists will be featured in Ascona, not only musicians but also dancers, chefs, Mardi Gras Indians, and Second Line dancers. The aim is to offer a broad and exciting overview of New Orleans’ culture. The spirit of the Sister Cities Edition is also to strengthen human and artistic bonds, with many bands consisting of New Orleans artists and European and local musicians. Attendees will experience an exciting mixture of creative collaborations and surprising musical configurations.

This year, JazzAscona will no longer be limited to the town’s lakefront. In addition to concerts on the main stages, there will be numerous new musical Rendez-vous between the artists and ensembles in ever-changing situations: street music, small acoustic and semi-acoustic shows that will create animated and dynamic musical atmospheres in the small squares, alleys, and public places of the Old Town. The aim is to honor the Festival’s original spirit and offer a more intimate, spontaneous, and involved experience.

After many years, the decision was made to return to free weekend concerts as was done in the 1980s when the Festival first began. JazzAsona would like to thank Ascona Locarno Turismo, the Municipality of Ascona, the public establishments of the Borgo, Hotellerie Suisse, and its numerous partners for making this possible.