Marco Detto, piano | Mirko Roccato, sax | Massimo Scoca, bass | Dario Milan, drums

Marco Detto FourDEB

FourDEB’s sound combinations

Pianist and composer Marco Detto is one of the most appreciated musicians in Italy and has worked with Eddie Gomez or Peter Eskine, among others. His quartet FourDEB was born in 2018 from the desire of Detto himself, together with musicians Mirko Roccato on saxophone, Massimo Scoca on bass and Dario Milan on drums, to create a project with original compositions. 

The music mirrors the stylistic contaminations of its four members and is an expressive mix of elegant melodies and urgent rhythms, with some reinterpretations of compositions by Marco Detto. The group’s goal is to emotionally involve all listeners, even those who are not accustomed to jazz music.

1.7 2022
First time at JazzAscona!

Switzerland, Italy


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