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Gabrielle Cavassa

Immeasurable talent and an intimate voice that stands out among a thousand: Gabrielle Cavassa

Gabrielle Cavassa is a New Orleans-based, California-born, vocalist-composer of Italian descent who continues to garner attention for her distinctive voice and intimate expression. In 2021, the self-professed ‘pricipessa’ was crowned co-winner of the 2021 International Sarah Vaughan Jazz Vocal Competition, joining the ranks of previous winners such as Cyrille Aimée, Jazzmeia Horn, and Samara Joy.

Cavassa became acquainted with the music at a young age, when she began collecting, cataloguing and “obsessively listening” to records. Her expression reflects influences ranging from Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse to Slum Village and Italian opera. As a songwriter, she confronts challenging topics as though she’s sharing stark, intimate diary entries with the world. Her 2020 critically-acclaimed recording debut, Gabrielle Cavassa, co-produced by GRAMMY-nominated artist and collaborator Jamison Ross, includes features from fellow genre bending artists Braxton Cook and Ashlin Parker.

Cavassa is set to release a duo record with pianist Ryan Hanseler in January 2021. 

Gabrielle Cavassa
22.6 – 1.7 2023

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