Enjoli Coco, saxophone | Sean Johnson, Jr., trumpet | Jacoby Anthony Davis, trumpet | Kendahl Smith, trombone | Kellin White, trombone | Mackyrin Holmes, sousaphone | Daniel Valentino Kelly Jr., bass drum | Ariesis Hayes Jr, snare drum | Darren Rodgers Jr, band director

The Roots of music EPK

The Roots of Music: young musicians conquer Ascona!

Roots of Music is an educative non-profit organisation from New Orleans, created in 2007 after the hurricane Katrina.

During four days a week – after school – kids between the ages of 9 and 14 are collected from school and are helped with their homework as well as receiving music lessons by Rebirth Brass Band. They will then be dropped off at home after a warm meal. This whole organisation is free of charge.
The idea is to keep kids away from streets, offer them a safe and weapon-free area (as this is unfortunately a big problem in certain neighborhoods) and teach them about this incredible musical heritage which IS New Orleans.

Roots of Music also aims to induct autodiscipline, offering consultation and support with the help of mental health professionals. The program counts 140 kids between 9 and 14 years of age, on Saturdays they also meet to perform in the school Band, the Roots of Music Crusader Band, and take part in social and cultural events in New Orleans.

The Roots of Music
23.6 – 2.7 2022

First time at JazzAscona!

New Orleans, USA

Brass band