JazzAscona renews its commitment to the young and talented

Nov, 2022 | News

Mareille Merck LARUS - JazzAscona 2022

©JazzAscona – Photo credit Gioele Pozzi

After its successful 2022 edition (with 15 Under-26 bands that impressed the audience with their quality and variety during the festival), JazzAscona has decided to confirm the GROOVIN’ UP project, supporting and promoting young artists and professionals. The bands will have the opportunity to perform on one of the main stages and will be able to participate at jam sessions, concerts and interactions with the numerous internationally experienced musicians who will be performing in Ascona during the 10 days of the festival (22.6. – 1.7.2023).

But that’s not all, the invited bands will benefit from media coverage with interviews and professionally produced videos by CISA students (Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive), to enhance their EPK with content of great value

Are you between 18 and 25 years old (average age of bands < 26) and feel ready to perform at a major festival?
We would be happy to welcome you and your band at JazzAscona, on stages and other venues around the promenade and old town of Ascona.

Swiss bands and artists can register via Mx3 by clicking on the “book my band” button.

Bands and artists from abroad can fill in the form and upload a recent video of a Live performance.

The technical quality and the location of the Live performance is not relevant (you can film yourself with your mobile phone in the rehearsal room!).

The considered genres are jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk, pop, rock, singer-songwriter.

Young musicians from all over the world can apply until 31.st December 2022!

By taking part you confirm the comprehension and acceptance of this regulamentation and agree to the publishing of the video contents provided, which will be freely added and deleted from JazzAscona web and media sites, without prior agreement by you.

Art. 1 – Artists taking part

The GROOVIN’ UP competition is open to musicians, singer-songwriters and bands of any nationality and gender. The only limit is you must be between 18 and 25 years of age (the average band age must not exceed 26). The genres which will be taken in consideration are: jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk, pop, rock, singer-songwriter and similar.


Art. 2

The artist or band must be available for at least 3 days over the period of the Festival (22.06-01.07.2023) and have a setlist of at least 90 minutes.


 Art. 3 – Competition

To enter the competition you have to supply a video clip in which you introduce yourself / the band and includes a musical performance of any kind, as long as the execution and recording conforms to the current copyright laws.

The video can be either home made or professional (Live recording) but may not be solely a recording track or single static image.


Art. 4 – Entering the competition

The author, by presenting his video, automatically confirms the ownership and authenticity of the contents. The Associazione JazzAscona can’t in any case be held responsible for any illegal or inappropriate use of the video or any of its parts, as per current legal norms. The taking part and uploading of each video is completely free of charge.


Art. 5 – Cachet

The compensation is of CHF 100.00 per person per day, plus travel, food/accommodation expenses.

Art. 6 – End of competition

Only entries received before the 31st December 2022 will be considered.

Swiss band or artists? Click here!
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Questions? Write to music@jazzascona.ch