Dancer, Grand Marshall

Michelle N.Gibson - Photo credit Mike Brooks

Michelle Gibson: African roots embedded in New Orleans culture

A freelance, Michelle N. Gibson, is a choreographer, cultural ambassador, educator and a natural performer, born and raised in New Orleans but at present living in Dallas.

In her teaching method and choreography aesthetics Michelle incorporates many elements related to the New Orleans culture. She hosts conferences and workshops all over the US titled The New Orleans Original BuckShop.
Other than teaching, she choreographs many theatre companies and Live shows. These choreographies space in settings and genres such as Diaspora Africana, Afro Contemporary Modern, Afro Funk, Jazz, and the aesthetics of the Second Line of New Orleans. One of her last pieces “Voices of Congo Square” has been broadcasted during the 300° New Orleans celebrations in 2018, at the Orpheum Theatre, and featured the rich culture and history of the Mardi Gras Indians.

Michelle N.Gibson
23 – 30.6 2022

First time at JazzAscona!

New Orleans, USA

Dancer, Grand Marshall